Elytra Project Log

This contains the ramblings, sporadic notes, and thoughts as I work on the Elytra scanning microscope.

A close up photo of the silicon wafer of an addressible RGBW LED, distortion and dirt still visible in it.


This project was largely inspired by the designs as used in Ladybug, Ladybug BEEFY, and other microscope photography projects, such as those by @timonsku@mastodon.social.


While it would be easy for me to use Python for this project, and to use Flask & its associated templating engines for getting remote control, the OpenCV Python bindings for super-resolution don't seem to exist in Python at time of writing. However, Rust's bindgen ones, do.

As such, I've been tinkering with those bindings, and looking at how the opencv::superres::{*} contents work.


This project will make heavy use of amateur skill FFF/FDM printing, due to both having a machine, and making it trivially reproducible for other tinkerers who may find this project useful.